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10th International BUILDAIR Symposium: Leakages in the Building Envelope
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10thInternational BuildairSymposium:Leakages in the Building Envelope – how tight is tight enough?Finding leakag...


10thInternational BuildairSymposium:

Leakages in the Building Envelope – how tight is tight enough?


Finding leakages quickly and reliably, evaluating leakages, measuring the tightness of ventilation systems and sealing components securely – these are the main focus areas of the 10th International BUILDAIR Symposium on 31 March and 1 April, 2017. The conference will cover new insights as well as share practical experience; it will expand on the familiar, and foster the exchange of ideas between professionals in the construction industry. The conference will be accompanied by a trade exhibition of both well-established and new products. Thanks to the support of renowned companies in the field, participants will once again benefit from very reasonable conference fees.

To realise the aim of living comfortably in environmentally conscious, low-energy buildings is a European as well as an international goal. Solutions and standards will be discussed at the International BUILDAIR Symposium 2017 in Hanover, providing a tenth anniversary forum for measuring teams, energy consultants, planners and architects from across Europe. The program reveals a wealth of expertise from Belgium, France, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain and the Czech Republic.

News on the evaluation of leakages

One of the key topics discussed at the conference will be the evaluation of leakages. The Association for Air Tightness in the Building Industry e.V. (FLiB e. V.) together with the Aachen Institute for the Study of Construction Damages and Applied Building Physics (AiBau) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP) initiated a joint project to analyse this issue, several years ago. We are now eagerly awaiting the results; "The International BUILDAIR Symposium is the ideal forum for sharing the project’s findings and the resulting recommended actions with an expert audience,” says Wilfried Walther, First Chairman of e.u.[z.] and organiser of the symposium.


Other sessions include the status quo of rules, regulations and quality assurance in several countries, as well as the measurement of the tightness of ventilation pipes and the sealing of multifunctional tapes. But also methods such as protective pressure measurements, cleanroom measurements, radon measurements and measuring of large buildings will be under discussion. The complete program is available on our conference web site (www.buildair.eu).


Trade exhibition during the conference

In the breaks between sessions, many of the participants in the BUILDAIR Symposium appreciate being able to learn about 'tried and tested' as well as new products and services. This is why the organisers are glad to provide companies from the industry with the opportunity to present themselves, their products and services at the trade fair accompanying the conference. For the respective terms and conditions please consult the conference web site at:  www.buildair.eu.

Thanks to our sponsors, conference fees remain reasonable

A special word of thanks is owed to our conference sponsors. Thanks to the support of Blowerdoor GmbH, Springe, and pro-clima MOLL bauökologische Produkte GmbH in Schwetzingen, we are again able to keep the conference fees low. To make the annual Symposium even more successful, new sponsors are always welcome!

At the 10th BUILDAIR Symposium, we are expecting about 150 participants from Germany and other European countries. As usual, simultaneous translation of the presentations into German or English will be provided. This industry event is organised by the Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister (e.u.[z.]) in cooperation with professional and trade associations in Germany and abroad.

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Date:                        March 31 and April 1, 2017

Place:                      Hannover Congress Centrum

Organiser:               Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister (e.u.[z.])

Website:                  www.buildair.eu

Conference Office:  phone: 0049 5044 975-20



The Organiser:

Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister (Energy and Environmental Centre, e.u.[z.])

Founded in 1981, the Energy and Environmental Centre e.u.[z.] provides a wide range of information and advice on energy efficient and resource-saving construction for professionals in the building sector, energy consultants and all other interested people. Its ambition is to share immediately implementable, practical knowledge about airtightness, building physics and renewable energies via workshops, seminars and conferences. Its own centre is used in a sustainable manner, and includes three buildings of different ages, energy standards and methods of construction, ideal for demonstrations. Groups and individuals can book catered and uncatered stays in the low-energy Guest House (constructed in 1991, woodframe method), and hold Training events in the Passive House (2001). For further information, please refer to: www.e-u-z.de.


Press contact:

Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister GmbH

Ursula Mellema

phone +49 5044 975-0

e-mail: mellema@e-u-z.de

address: Zum Energie- und Umweltzentrum 1, 31832 Springe, Germany


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