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The 9th International BUILDAIR Symposium on the 8th and 9th May 2015
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The 9th International BUILDAIR Symposium, on the 8th and 9th May 2015, in Kassel, offers a future-oriented progra...

Registration/speakers/Agenda/DetailsThe 9th International BUILDAIR Symposium, on the 8th and 9th May 2015, in Kassel, offers a future-oriented programme about the field of airtight building envelopes, thermography and ventilation systems. Its ambition is to disseminate new knowledge, deepen understanding of common topics and promote an exchange of ideas amongst all those involved in the construction sector. The accompanying exhibition will show new as well as established products. All professionals active in the field of airtight construction in Europe are invited to submit their contributions by 30th November 2014.


Planning, executing and measuring the air tightness of the building envelope, achieving the target energy standard and the desired level of comfort, as well as guaranteeing functioning ventilation systems, remains a demanding discipline requiring a great depth of knowledge. This is exactly where the BUILDAIR Symposium comes in; on the one hand, this leading conference will inform planners, craftsmen, architects and energy consultants about current developments and approaches. On the other hand, it will present common methods and products but from a different perspective, and put them into new contexts. Thus, both newcomers and experienced practitioners can benefit.


Furthermore, the conference of 2015 will present a new topic; “For the first time we will add the leakage detection and evaluation of leakages to our programme,” says Wilfried Walther, chairman of the e.u.[z.] and President of the German Association for Airtightness in the Building Industry (FLiB). “There is intensive research going on in this field, and we would like to present and discuss the first groundbreaking results with other construction specialists.” The key themes of the BUILDAIR Symposium will also include; current standards and regulations, air tightness concepts in practice for residential and non-residential buildings, building preparation in practice and the correct techniques for thermography and the BlowerDoor measurement. In addition, legal considerations, and questions concerning pollutants, humidity and mould in airtight buildings will be tackled.


Bring your experience – Call for contributions

To prepare an outstanding technical programme, the organizers invite all professionals active in the field of airtight buildings in Europe to submit their contributions. Paper proposals can be submitted in the form of one-page abstracts, in either English or German, until 30th November 2014. The contributions can impart either basic or expert knowledge about air tightness, thermography, ventilation and quality assurance. More detailed information about the call for papers is available on the conference website, www.buildair.eu.


Conference exhibition

Many BUILDAIR delegates appreciate finding out more about approved and new products and services during the conference breaks. If you are a company interested in exhibiting products and services during the conference, please refer to the full terms and conditions at, www.buildair.eu.


Around 150 participants from across Germany and Europe are expected to attend the ninth year of this leading industry conference. Two companies already have guaranteed their financial support for the BUILDAIR Symposium; platinum sponsors pro clima MOLL bauökologische Produkte GmbH (Schwetzingen/Germany) and Blower Door GmbH (Springe/Germany). Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in both English and German.


The BUILDAIR Symposium continues to be organized by the Energy and Environmental Centre e.u.[z.] (Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister, www.e-u-z.de), in cooperation with the German Association for Airtightness in the Building Industry FLiB (Fachverband Luftdichtheit im Bauwesen e. V.), the German Association for Applied Thermography VATh (Bundesverband für Angewandte Thermografie e. V.) and TightVent (www.tightvent.eu).


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Date:                        8th-9th May, 2015

Place:                      Ramada Hotel, Kassel City Centre

Call for Papers:        by November 30, 2014

Veranstalter:            Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister (e.u.[z.])

Internet:                   www.buildair.eu

Conference Office:  Telephone: 0049 5044 975-20



The International BUILDAIR Symposium is a great opportunity for professionals to deepen their knowledge. (source e.u.[z.])


The Organiser:

Energy and Environmental Centre/ Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister e.u.[z.]

Founded in 1981, the Energy and Environmental Centre e.u.[z.] provides a wide range of information and advice on energy efficient and resource-saving construction for professionals in the building sector, energy consultants and all other interested people. Its ambition is to share immediately implementable, practical knowledge about airtightness, building physics and renewable energies via workshops, seminars and conferences. Its own centre is used in a sustainable manner, and includes three buildings of different ages, energy standards and methods of construction, ideal for demonstrations. Groups and individuals can book catered and uncatered stays in the low-energy Guest House (constructed in 1991, woodframe method), and hold Training events in the Passive House (2001). For further information, please refer to: www.e-u-z.de.


Press contact:

Energie- und Umweltzentrum am Deister GmbH

Ursula Mellema

phone +49 5044 975-25

e-mail: mellema@e-u-z.de

address: Zum Energie- und Umweltzentrum 1, 31832 Springe, Germany


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