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On One Safety Characteristic of Buildings

Anatolii V. Perelmuter1 and Sergii F. Pichugin2

1. SCAD Soft Ltd., Kiev 03037, Ukraine

2. Department of Steel Structures, Poltava National Technical University named of honor Yuri Kondratyuk, Poltava 36020, Ukraine

Abstract: The development of probabilistic methods of building structure computation has mainly been aimed for studying the computation improvement methodology. The attention was given to the accumulation of actual data as well to the research of statistic properties of influence and parameters of (strength) resistance. It is necessary to mention that hardly ever new investigations had been done in the sphere of probabilistic evaluation. The basic attention was paid to the first ultimate state. The problems of structure reliability should not be restricted by the structure durability and stability estimation, and not all possible structure failures can be analyzed with probabilistic methods. It is reasonable to develop some original approaches for the probabilistic reliability estimation. One important fact should be taken into account; the authors mean the risk of structure vulnerability and the lack of statistic data for its estimation. It is sensible to evaluate both durability and long-term functioning of the structure in case of the origin of its ultra-boundary vulnerability in space. New characteristic (mobilization of structure) and its definition are given for solving this problem. Some considerations are done for the justification of this method and typical examples are presented. The authors consider this issue to be polemic and it can cause a professional discussion.

Key words: Random load, outliers for a calculation level, limit states, reliability, safety.
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