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A Study on the Characteristics of Battery SOC through the Generation Power of EREV SUV by Various Real Road Driving Test

Taecheol Jeong, Jaehoan Kim, Seok Myung Kim and Yong Sang Choi

Ssangyong Motor Company, Pyeongtaek 459-711, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


This paper describes the characteristics of battery SOC through the generation power of EREV SUV by various real road driving test. For the verification, B and C segment SUV series hybrid vehicles were manufactured. The driving logic of the test vehicle is as follows. The vehicle starts to operate when the battery is fully charged and drives the motor using only the energy of the battery. When the battery SOC reaches the defined point, the engine generator is operated to charge or discharge the battery while the vehicle is in operation. Also presents result of cruising test on highway, city, hill climbing road and tested on test track by using developed EREV SUV. The SOC variation was tested through long-distance high-speed driving, and the running test was performed in the up-hill and down-hill and the test track using manufactured vehicles. Then, the power output of the vehicle is adjusted to suit each road situation, and the results are described. And shows advantages and disadvantages of SOC variation on each road environments and presents the strategies as the cruising test results. On the basis of the test result, this paper suggests future works and research directions for strategy of battery management to extended range EV.

Key words: Extended range EV, genset, SOC (state of charge), EV mode driving, ER mode driving, highway mode, city mode, uphill climbing mode.
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