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Study on Mechanical Properties of Pineapple-Glass Fiber Based Polymer Composites

Md. Rafiquzzaman, Sharaban Tohora and Jannatul Naim

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Khulna 9203, Bangladesh


Nowadays, the interest in using natural fibers as reinforcement in polymer composite material has increased significantly. Now this natural fiber based composite manufacturing has been a wide area of research and it is the most preferred choice for not only its superior properties like low density, stiffness, light weight and possesses better mechanical properties but also they are renewable, cheap, completely or partially recyclable, and biodegradable. In this study, an attempt has been made to fabricate pineapple-glass fiber based polymer composite and evaluation its mechanical performances. For this composite preparation, pineapple and glass fiber were used as reinforcement and the epoxy resin (ADR 246 TX) was used as the matrix. The pineapple fiber extract from the pineapple leaf which is available in Bangladesh. The fabrication of the composite is done by using hand layup techniques. Different fiber vol. % (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 Vol. %) are used to prepare the composite. The composite thus made was tested for its mechanical properties like tensile test, flexural test, and impact test. Results showed that by incorporating the optimum amount of natural fibers, the overall strength of glass fiber reinforced hybrid composite can be increased and cost saving of more than 20 % can be achieved.

Key words: Polymer composite, pineapple fiber, glass fiber, mechanical performance.
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