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Safety for Life: Every Step along the Construction Industry Way

Osama M. Dawoud and Islam I. Faluoji

Faculty of Applied Engineering and Urban Planning, University of Palestine, Gaza, Palestine

Abstract: Despite remarkable evolvement in the construction industry, the workplace is witnessing a sharp increase in worker fatalities. Meanwhile, the burden of worker safety rests on contractor, a number of studies have addressed the imperative role of the design decisions, made upstream, in jobsite accidents. In essence, DfCS (Design for Construction Safety) concept is a collaborative process, where designers benefit from field experience, to produce designs that could be safely executed. This research aims at exploring the DfCS approach in the Gaza Strip construction industry in an effort to improve construction safety performance. A qualitative research methodology was chosen to gain an in depth understanding of the DfCS concept pertinent to the Gaza Strip; based on review of literature, interviews with practitioners and paying site visits.  The results showed that most interviewed design professionals are not cognizant with DfCS concept. On the other hand, participated civil engineers seem to be aware of the concept, yet no reference document exists to facilitate applying such concept. Collectively, integrating the DfCS approach, at design stage, has been recommended to minimize accident risk.

Key words: Design, safety, construction, worker, hazards, Gaza Strip.
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