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Energy Management by Dynamic Monitoring of a Building of the University of Valladolid

Javier María Rey Hernández, Eloy Velasco Gómez, Julio San José, Sergio González and Francisco Javier Rey Martínez

Department of Energy, E.I.I. of the University of Valladolid, Valladolid, Spain

Abstract: The continuous increase of energy consumption in buildings enhances the importance of implementing energy management systems within the building facilities. These tools allow us to know precisely both energy consumption and use within the building. Monitoring energy consumption provides a clear view not only of the amount, but also of where and when energy is consumed in the building. Besides, a rear analysis of this information allows us to deduce whether there exists an inappropriate consumption, and thus the possibilities of improving building efficiency. A monitoring tool has been implemented within an academic building at the University of Valladolid, applying technological resources of Information Technology and Communication through dynamic monitoring of electrical and thermal parameters. Results obtained are gathered and analysed to directly contribute to improve the use of energy, reduce costs associated with its generation and use, and improve the thermal comfort of the building occupants.

Key words: Dynamic monitoring, energy performances, energy management, reduction of building consumption.
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