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Methodology for Designing Automatic Database for Electric Power System Protection Studies

Cecília A.B. Costa1, Raphael L.A. Reis1, Daphne T. Barros1, Rodrigo C.D. Lima1, Núbia S.D. Brito1, Washington L.A. Neves1 and Sergio R.D. Moraes2

1. Department of Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Campina Grande, Campina Grande 58429-900, Brazil

2. São Francisco’s Hydroelectric Company, Chesf, Recife 50761-901, Brazil

Abstract: This paper presents a methodology for automatic construction of a database of simulated oscillographic records using the ATP (Alterna­tive Transients Program) and MATLAB® software. ATP software was used to simulate faults scenarios in a modeled power system and MATLAB® was used to implement a batch mode simulation in order to automatically change the fault parameters such as fault type, fault location, resistance and inception angle, and to rename each generated file. In each automated ATP simulation, the correspondent Models and COMTRADE files are generated, which are the files used for Power System Protection studies. Since real oscillographic records are not easily available by the electric utilities, the database created using this methodology is very important and useful for Power System Protection studies. In addition, this methodology enables the simulation of phenomena whose probability of occurrence in practice is small, such as current transformer saturation. Some case studies were carried out to illustrate the methodology’s application. From the obtained results, the automated database construction using the proposed methodology is very efficient since it can generate various oscillographic records and also avoid manual efforts.

Key words: Power system protection, automatic database, oscillographic records.
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