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Design and Walking Control Implementation of a Hydraulic Humanoid Biped Robot

Jianwen Luo, Yili Fu and Shuguo Wang

State Key Laboratory of Robotics and System, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001, China

Abstract: Hydraulic actuated legged robots have greater joint torque than electric actuated ones, which could improve the performance of legged robots in heavy duty tasks. Given the limited knowledge of technology and engineering experience in developing hydraulic humanoid biped robots and inspired by the excellent performance of recent emerging hydraulic legged robots, the authors designed a hydraulic humanoid biped robot with 12 degrees of freedoms. Hydraulic actuators were mounted on legs similar to human muscles to conform to biomimetic design. The authors analyzed the kinematics of hydraulic actuation in each joint and presented the hydraulic actuators and embedded control system. The joints strength was tested in weight lifting task and stable walking control was implemented by using the foot force feedback control in landing and position control in other gait phases. Experiment results were presented to prove the feasibility of control adopted on the biped robot prototype. This paper provides a reference for further improvement of robot design and one platform for tests of the stable walking control algorithm.

Key words: Biped robot, hydraulic, system integration.
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