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Fluorescence Studies of ZnO Nanomaterial with Samarium Ion

Yogesh Kumar Sharma1, Sudha Pal1, Priyanka Goyal1 and Lallan Prasad Verma2

1. S.B.S.Govt., P.G. College Rudrapur 263153, U.S. Nagar, India

2. M.B.Govt. P.G. College, Haldwani (Nainital), India

Abstract: The Fluorescence spectra have been recorded of Sm3+ doped ZnO nanomaterial using with intense absorption bands (400 nm) at room temperature in visible region. Three strong fluorescence bands at ~594.8, ~617.6, ~651.4 nm and one weak band at ~700.0 nm have been observed and assigned to 4G5/2 6H5/2, 4G5/2 6H7/2, 4G5/2 6H9/2 and 4G5/2 6H11/2 transitions respectively. Radiative properties viz. spontaneous emission probability (A), fluorescence branching ratio (β), radiative life time (t) and stimulated emission cross- section (σp) have been computed. The size range of the generated Sm3+ doped ZnO nanomaterial was approximately 50-20nm. The trend of stimulated emission cross-section (sp) has been shown like this 4G5/26H7/2> 4G5/26H11/2 >4G5/26H9/2 > 4G5/26H5/2.

Key words: ZnO nanomaterial, fluorescence spectra and radiative properties.
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