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Effect of Cross-sectional Shape on Thermal Conductivity of Nanowires

Neha Arora, Uma Pachauri and Deepika P. Joshi

Department of Physics, G.B.P.U.A. &T., Pantnagar, Uttarakhand 263145, India

Abstract: This study reports a theoretical approach for the effect of shape and size on thermal conductivity of semiconductor nanowires. Study for three different cross-sectional shapes like circular, regular triangular and square for Si, GaAs, and GaN nanowires have been done. Circular cross section has unit shape factor but for noncircular crossectional shapes it is different from one. Graphical results for variation of thermal conductivity with shape and size show that thermal conductivity decreases as the size of material reduces and varies with cross-sectional shapes. Among different cross sectional shapes, triangular shaped nano wires has the lowest thermal conductivity which is same as the result of molecular dynamic simulations. This study may be helpful for the synthesis of nanowires having low thermal conductivity, which provide better insulation.

Key words: Nanowires, Shape factor, thermal conductivity.
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