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Nanotechnology in Construction and Geotechnical Engineering

Rakesh Bhatt and Sandeep Gupta

Department of Civil Engineering, College of Technology, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, India

Abstract: Nanotechnology is an extension of the sciences and technologies that deal with particles which are less than 100 nm in size. It plays a major role in the development of new products with improved qualities like less consumption of energy, less harmful to the environment, less consumption of resources (i.e., men, materials, money and machinery), increased safety and serviceability in construction and improvement in the geotechnical properties of soil etc. At the nanoscale, the properties of the material change in comparison to larger size. Various changes come into light like gravity becomes unimportant, electrostatic forces take over and quantum effects get in. It is multi-disciplinary in nature and covers biomedical, electronics, robotics, biotechnology, green technology, food technology, construction industry and geotechnical engineering. In construction, nanotechnology is beneficial due to its lighter and stronger structure, low maintenance, and better properties of cementitious materials and increased sound absorption of acoustic absorbers, water-repellent, UV light protector, air cleaners and solar cells. Similarly, in geotechnical engineering, the geotechnical properties of soil can be modified by nanomaterial. This paper reviews the role of nanotechnology in construction and geotechnical engineering.

Key words: Nanotechnology, construction industry, geotechnical engineering, nanomaterial.
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