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Phytochemical Analysis of Essential Oil from Micromeria biflora

Paridhi Bisht, Pushpa Joshi and Manoj Dhuni

Department of Chemistry, D.S.B Campus, Kumaun University, Nainital, India

Abstract: The essential oil of Micromeria biflora (Family: Lamiaceae) was isolated from the whole plant which was collected from Almora district of Uttarakhand (India). The steam-distilled oil obtained from this plant was analysed by GC and GC-MS, which led to the identification of 62 compounds representing 83.12% of the total oil. Caryophyllene <beta->, the main constituent was found in the range of 17.77% followed by caryophyllene epoxide (16.85%), humulene (3.74%), cadin-4en-10-ol (3.52%) and cadiene <delta-> (3.17%).

Key words: Micromeria biflora, essential oil composition, GC & GC-MS.
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