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Effect of Sludge Addition on Some Soil Properties under Oxic and Anoxic Environment

Geeta Tewari, Nidhi Sharma, Sunita Sharma, Chitra Pande, Girish C. Kharkwal, Mamta Bisht, Akanksha Rani and Deepshekha Punetha
Department of Chemistry, D. S. B. Campus, Kumaun University, Nainital 263001, Uttarakhand, India

Abstract: A laboratory incubation experiment of 52 days was carried out to observe the changes in soil pH, electrical conductivity (EC), soil organic carbon (SOC) and organic matter (OM) to which sewage sludge had been applied at different rates. The effect of sludge varied with incubation period. Experiment was carried out under oxic (at field capacity moisture content) and anoxic conditions (at flooding moisture content). Flooding maintained higher soil pH, lower EC and lower organic carbon content as compared to field capacity condition throughout the study. Sludge amendment at a rate of 20%, decreased the soil pH and increased soil EC content especially under oxic condition. Under oxic condition, the soil pH was slightly decreased with the incubation period up to 7 days and thereafter increased with time. There was a significant increase in EC up to 7 days of incubation and after that EC decreased. Fifty two days of incubated soil had higher EC than 0 days of incubated soils. Organic carbon content of the sludge treated soils reached to its peak value at 7 days of incubation period and decreased thereafter with time. Under anoxic condition, the pH was increased with incubation period while soil EC decreased regularly. SOC increased up to 14 days of incubation and after that decreased with time.

Key words: Sludge, soil, incubation, field capacity, oxic environment, anoxic environment.
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