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Semantic Enhanced e-Textbooks: Information Model and Its Application

Jinbao Zhang and Liangang Zhang

School of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China

Abstract: This paper reviews the existing standards and technologies related to e-Textbooks, multimedia rendering, semantics annotation, personalized learning and learning analysis. It is necessary to build a new generation of e-Textbooks systems, including the modules of computational knowledge engine, semantic enhancement and learning analysis. The authors explore the semantic enhanced information model of e-Textbooks including knowledge base and course ontology, import SAGE engine as cloud based dynamic multimedia render, and design Learning Record Store for learning analysis. A new e-Textbooks reader named eCell (v 1.0), coincided with the information model of the semantic enhanced e-textbook, has been developed. In the future, the authors will track the behavior data of students and make it in use.

Key words: e-Textbooks, semantic enhancement, learning analysis, course ontology.
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